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In 2015, PayCar was born from the wish of its two founders: the long term friends Vincent and Michael.

While buying and selling their used vehicles, they both used the most common payment method back then: the bank check. The experience turned out to be stressing and complicated. After going through the check’s verification, the bank constraints and the fear of being scammed, Vincent and Mike were surprised by the lack of substitutes for the bank check. This is especially the case since 10 million french citizens are confronted with the same issue every year (while buying or selling their used vehicles). You can now understand how the PayCar idea germinated and came to be in Vincent and Michael’s minds.

PayCar’s motto: An available and human customer support, simplicity and security at all times.
For a secured and qualitative offer, PayCar established 4 different partnerships with major actors of the payment sector.
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Our mission

Bring trust back at the heart of important exchanges.
In a household, the vehicle is the most valued good after the house itself; The transaction of a used vehicle usually goes up to 11.000€ in average. Buying or selling a vehicle usually represents an important step in life: adulthood, the family’s expansion, career opportunities/career evolutions or just a project’s completion. Our goal is to provide the best experience to our clients, whoever they are, from the boats or bikes lover to the common everyday driver: (a serene and humane exchange).

Our values

  • Kindness

    Having an honest and transparent relation with our customers and partners is our everyday priority.

  • Client Satisfaction

    We place our user’s satisfaction at the heart of everything we do by offering a humane experience.

  • Trust

    We are looking to create a feeling of trust between our users but also add more trust in the company-client (axis) relationships, from beginning to end.

  • Vincent Marty-Lavauzelle

    CEO And Co-founder

    Vincent is the brain behind PayCar. Always available by phone or email, he is obsessed by the customer satisfaction.

  • Michael Waldman

    CTO And Co-founder

    Michael’s technical skills are a major reason behind PayCar’s success. He is a good listener and every detail counts.

  • Aldair Angola

    Marketing Manager

  • Clementine Caroubi


  • Estelle Bertrand

    Data analyst

  • Mohamed Hamza

    Customer manager

C'est simple : leboncoin est le leader incontesté de la petite annonce, notamment de la petite annonce auto. C'est aussi le 5ème site le plus visité en France derrière notamment Google et Facebook. Pendant près d'un an, les équipes de PayCar ont été acueillies par leboncoin et ce fut une belle rencontre ! C'est ainsi qu'en juin 2019 nous intégrons le groupe leboncoin suite à notre rachat.

Le Groupe BNP Paribas a pris part à la levée de fonds de PayCar pour un montant de 1,3 million d'euros. BNP Paribas est une banque de premier plan en Europe avec un rayonnement international. Elle est présente dans 75 pays avec plus de 189 000 collaborateurs dont 146 000 en Europe. BNP Paribas recommande PayCar à ses clients en remplacement du chèque de banque.

Paycar élu


  • Member of the Moove Lab at Station F, with the Conseil National des Professions Automobiles et Via ID
  • 1st chosen Startup by leboncoin to integrate their accelerator for 9 months.
  • Nominated among the year’s 3 best startups by Les Etats Majeurs de l’Automobile


  • Among the 3 best automobile apps according to TF1 AutoMoto
  • Startup of the year in the banking, finance and insurance sectors by la Fédération Bancaire française and La Revue Banque


  • Among the 3 startups of the year by the Internet Autobiz Awards
  • 1st out of the 10 services designed to facilitate the life of motorists by AutoPlus

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