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The safest way to get paid

Make sure you get paid before giving your keys away.

Check that your buyer possesses the necessary funds.

Exchange with trusted users

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Exchange with trusted users

We verify the ID of all our users during registration

Avoid any dodgy encounters by asking your seller to signup.

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Check online that your buyer has enough funds

One-click away from confirming that the buyer possesses the required funds on his PayCar account.

Only meet buyers who are ready to buy your car.

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Be confident to get paid before giving the keys away

On D day, the transfer to your PayCar account is instantaneous.

Your PayCar account is credited in real-time.

You can withdraw the money back to your bank account with a few clicks

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How much does it cost ?

No hidden costs: PayCar takes a fixed fee of 29€, only if the transaction occurs.

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Become a verified user

Invite your buyer

Check your buyer and his balance



*Fee subtracted during the payment

Repatriate your funds


After the transaction, 48 business hours are enough to recover your funds on your bank account.

Identity verification

1 to 24 working hours

Send your ID through our platform. The validation takes between 1 hour and 24 hours. The better the quality of the document the faster it gets processed.

Your buyer credits his account

4 to 48 working hours

The buyer does a wire transfer from his bank account to his PayCar account. The transfer can take up to 48 hours. The procedure can be sped up with an express/urgent wire transfer.

Instantaneous transaction

1 minute

On D Day, the transfer to your PayCar account is instantaneous. Once the buyer validates the payment, you immediately receive the funds on your PayCar account.


4 to 48 working hours

Transfer your funds from PayCar to your bank account with a simple click

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